Welcome to the JFFNMS homepage!

JFFNMS stands for Just For Fun Network Management System.  Despite the name, the program is a serious NMS that can help you look after your routers, switches, servers and other network equipment.

JFFNMS is written in the [PHP](http://www.php.net/) scripting language for cross-platform compatibility.  You will also need a webserver and either MySQL or PostgreSQL database for starters.

Devices are continuously polled, or JFFNMS can collect events from SNMP traps and syslog messages.  The web GUI displays the status of the devices’ interfaces as well as report on rolling statistics, such as error counts or traffic on an interface.

Being written in PHP, JFFNMS can be customized to suit different pieces of equipment.  Basically if the device has something interesting to monitor via SNMP either a state (up/down) or a value, JFFNMS can be made to monitor it.

JFFNMS is Free Software and is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later.

We hope you find JFFNMS so useful for looking after your network it makes the job of network almost fun. (We did say almost)

The project is hosted by the nice folks at [Source Forge](http://www.sourceforge.net/), for more information, click on the links above or visit [JFFNMS Project Page](http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/jffnms/)

Just For Fun Network Management System